15 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Money

I LOVE This article and this has some great ideas! The only ideas we don’t like are the ones that we just aren’t willing to try. WHY? Well, we aren’t THAT ready for change, I guess. If you want change bad enough, then you will be willing to try whatever you can to make those dollars add up. 
But, the Simple way is to not overwhelm yourself. Pick one NEW way to save, and start there! Watch the money jar grow with each CHANGE you make and see your new CHANGE! 😉 (see what I did there? LOL) 
Comment Below which way you want to try first! 

15 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Money

There’s only one thing better than finding a way to save money: finding a simple way to save money. It’s beyond awesome to make a little spending tweak that pays off big time!
This is the month to make some of those small and easy tweaks. Here are 15 of our favorite insanely simple ways to save money. Check them out!
1. Shop in new places for clothes. Go to a consignment store to get a huge discount while updating your wardrobe. You can also check Facebook to see if your neighborhood or community has a group page where members can buy or trade clothing.
2. Keep a shopping list on your fridge. Put a slip of paper on your refrigerator and jot down the items you need from the grocery store. That list saves you money because it shows you the exact items you should buy, which prevents you from accidently buying cumin for the third time in a month!
3. Purchase discount gift cards. Sites like Cardpool and Raise sell gift cards for less than face value on tons of things, such as restaurants, clothing and even airline travel! That comes in handy if your next vacation involves a plane trip or you want to save money when shopping for your children’s summer clothes.
4. Have a “staydate.” You can still enjoy your weekly dinner-and-a-movie date night for a fraction of the cost by staying home. Just fire up the grill, rent some flicks from Redbox, and enjoy your evening!
5. Check store apps for discounts. Download the apps for your favorite shopping destinations—think Target, Publix or clothing stores—and check them for coupons before you make the trip out. You never know when a deal will pop up!
6. Negotiate your cable price. Do some comparison shopping among the cable companies to see which one has the best deal or promotion offer. Then ask your provider to match or beat that price. If they won’t, make the switch.
7. Sign up for a library card. Free books. Free movies. Free downloads for your Kindle. A library pass gives you access to all of them.
8. Stop using credit cards. A Carnegie Mellon study reports that credit cards numb the pain of spending. That means even if you pay your balance off each month, you’re still likely to spend more when you use credit. Save money by ditching the cards.
9. Get your cardio on video. From aerobics to Zumba, there are hundreds of cardio-friendly exercise programs you can find on YouTube. Search through them, bookmark your favorites, then cancel that old gym membership. You’ll get your fun and fitness for free!
10. Purchase used goods online. Websites like Amazon or Craigslist are stocked with thousands of used items in good condition at great prices. Shopping for deals like this is fantastic if you’re in the market for books, computers, smartphones and more.
11. Enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of the warm weather by having a picnic in the park with your family instead of going to a restaurant. You can also take a walk with a friend rather than going to a coffee shop, or play ball with the kids outside. Those activities are free—and priceless!
12. Buy generic instead of name-brand. You probably won’t notice the difference when you start using generic medicines, trash bags or paper towels. But you’ll definitely notice the savings that come with making the switch!
13. Make your own coffee. You can brew your own cup of joe and add all the cream and caramel you want for a lot less than what you pay at the coffee shop. Saving money this way is sweeter than a vanilla latte with three sugars!
14. Have a dessert date. If you want to eat out without paying a big check, have supper at home and then go out for ice cream or share an oversized slice of cake at a restaurant.
15. Change your entertainment. Tickets for concerts and pro sports events can get pricey, so look at less expensive but equally entertaining options. See if there’s a minor league baseball game near you, a themed festival in town, or a theater group performing close by.
There are tons of simple ways to change how you spend. You can get the full picture of your spending when you make a budget with EveryDollar. It takes less than 10 minutes, which is about as insanely simple as it gets!
So – What’s it going to be? What is the FIRST way to start saving for CHANGE!
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