Come on, you know you have one – the JUNK Drawer!

Seriously, within minutes that one drawer that becomes your stash all, and the one drawer that can cause you the most frustration can be organized and PRETTY!

Add more Simplicity to your life!


Chances are your kitchen junk drawer is well junky. Follow these simple organization steps to optimize this crucial storage space.

  1. Start by emptying the drawer. Toss any trash as you go. Things like expired coupons, old flyers, take out menus for restaurants you never order from, pieces of gum that are now covered in pencil shavings, and anything else you may find. If you don’t need it, get rid of it.
  2. Since you’re going through the drawer anyway, sort the contents into categories that make sense to you. Pencils and pens, keys, flashlights, whatever it is you might find. If you come across something that has No business being in your kitchen, bring it to its proper home. File away receipts and important documents and take unpaid bills over to your computer to handle as soon as possible.
  3. Once it’s empty, vacuum the drawer making sure to focus on corners and crevasses. Follow up with a damp cloth to be sure you’re working with a clean slate.
  4. Now you can get creative.  Line the drawer with your favorite decorative print.
  5. Then add in modular dividers or small storage boxes to define your drawer space. Just remember you want to keep the items you use the most, like pens, stationary, and phone accessories, toward the front. And less used items like birthday candles or flash lights Towards the back.

and a quick KISS from RL!
(Keep is Simple Sweetie!)

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