Confession Time – I wear my heart on my sleeve

Confession time. Many of you have noticed that I have been sort of in a hibernation state the past year. I can spill it all out cause you know I wear my heart on my sleeve, but geez who wants that doom and gloom. OR – just know that there are some things that RL is experiencing and trying to work through for the first time ever.
I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor. (experiencing the latter all for the good of the family) and neither bring more happiness than the other. Freedom to SPEND, yes. But Freedom of control, nope. Budgeting brings a NEW FREEDOM to SPEND like none other to live a life like none other!
I’ve been super skinny (size 0) and I’ve been “heavier” (size 14). Seriously, neither bring more happiness than the other.
I’ve been a SAHM and I have been Full Time working mom, neither of which brought me more happiness than the other. “Grass is always greener”.
I’ve been a SAHM mom doing chores, and I have been a SAHM mom with my own business (my own elite Wedding and Event Planning business and then 2 Direct Sales companies), neither one brought me more happiness than the other.
I’ve been a mom of littles, and now a mom that a mom of littles dream about, a mom of Adult Children and reaching the Empty Nest…and TRULY – my hectic life of being frazzled all the time with my babies to snuggle was so much more rewarding at the end of the day. Think of it, those chubby babies in their onesies just exhausted from tiring you out all day, and all those stresses of that went away when you have that precious baby sleeping in your arms.
NOW – these “young adults” stress us out with their grandiose plans and independence and when we text to see how they are and they don’t respond cause, well, they are older, we still are stressed. We worry.
WHICH ONE IS BETTER? We are parents. Neither! We always care!
Life is changing everyday. Happiness truly comes from within. Not from things, and waiting for this and that. It is what we make of it.
I know I am not alone with this. This is why I started and will be putting out a new product in 2018 that focuses on our relationships, finances, living intentionally, and blessing our homes! A product that will be delivered to your home! Under YOUR roof. This won’t be for everyone, and most likely not for most of my friends on FB.
I want to teach/help the moms that are still suffering from the loss of our kids at home and approaching empty nest and the MOM TAXI LAID OFF syndrome, and especially younger moms that are now stuck in that same scenario that we were years ago. Always thinking about “tomorrow” and not enjoying “the today”. I always told my friend Barby as we would sit at the bus stop each morning for 17 years together, “It’s never as easy as it was yesterday. The days we thought were hard, were quite possibly the easy ones!”
I MISS “the today”! I am sure most of us do! Now, we try to fill our days to fill voids that we have as we grow older. For some we are missing the little hands in our ours, the snuggles at the end of the day. Or for some, it’s missing the independence to go to the bathroom without a little one at your feet. Motherhood, and being a wife, NEVER what we expect! It’s not all a BED OF ROSES!
I just want to help these mommas, all these ladies, that are so tired in their day to day and feel so under valued because they are doing laundry and dishes and feel that there is so much more to life, when truly, THAT IS LIFE! That is the BLESSING that we have been given of shelter for our babies, our husband, our lives. We have food (that produces dishes!) We have been provided clothing (that produces laundry), and there is nothing better than pulling out a clean pair of clean jeans and going to the drawer for those matching soccer socks when you are in a hurry.
Ladies, there is BLESSING in the mundane. It’s God’s blessings to you! Take it, receive it, learn to stop cussing it and hate it! I promise, we can do this, together.
Burlap and Daisies
Burlap is a resilient, protective material used for industrial and farm use but beautiful enough for decor and crafts, combined with a beautiful elegant flower that grows when things get hot! An inexpensive flower that means LOVE, Purity, innocence, and defines “motherhood”. Together, they make a beautiful centerpiece and often used in weddings, the most ceremonial event to join a husband and wife.
Stay tuned. It’s all coming in 2021 and I have set just place for you!

Looking forward to MORE, so much more!

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