How to host a super chill, stress free dinner party, even if you don't cook!

How to host a stress-free “chill” dinner party if you are more of a HOST than a COOK!

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Ladies and gents, this is easy! I am more of a host than a cook, for sure! I love for things to look pretty, and would rather put my time and effort into atmosphere and entertainment than the food! So yes, you are asking why I would host a Dinner party?
Well, because I have friends and family that are amazing cooks and LOVE to prepare awesome meals and appetizers, etc. And, most of all, who doesn’t love a great time that is centered around sharing a meal together.

So how does this work?¬† It’s simple.¬† You host and invite and let the plans slowly evolve amongst your friends. Give a set time for all to arrive with plenty of time for the evening to play out, without it being a eat and run type of evening.
When you have the space to host, and the eye for the table centerpiece and entertaining, allow the “chefs” to do their thing. Invite your guests and allow a mutual conversation to take place where the chefs can collaborate, and allow the desert and pastry chefs to chime in as well. Allow time in your kitchen for last minute cooking and heating which will allow time for everyone to grab a drink, and prepare to showcase their masterpiece while socializing. It will be great to hear the conversations that take place about their meals and how they were prepared which allows your friends to learn tips from one another as well.
Let’s not forget about those specialty drinks. We all have that friend that loves to make new, fun, yummy drinks or is a wine¬†connoisseur . That is a great added element to start the evening, or even be part of the desert with a chocolate liquor.
When dinner is ready, take the lead and invite your guest to your elegantly set table and prepare for great conversation and great night of memories to be made!
And lastly, don’t get stuck with all those dishes. We all know those ladies that love to help clean up before they leave. Allow them to help! Trust me, they really want to! This will help eliminate that feeling of “ick” after your friends and family walked into a clean inviting house and can help the party continue in a peaceful, stress-free environment!
Bon Appetit, ya’ll!

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