Strong as Burlap Fresh as a Daisy

We, (women) are tired, loving, gorgeous, hard working, protective, the symbol of motherhood, love, and so much more. We are strong enough to endure childbirth, protect our family, our heart and our home, yet so beautiful that we symbolize motherhood, and new beginnings, and capture the love of our lives. We wake to each new day to a fresh beginning. We are blessed, we bless others, and for that, we are strong as Burlap and yet, fresh and beautiful as a Daisy!

This is my passion. This is what I will continue and work hard for. Us! The tired, the weary, the ones that are working two jobs (home and our own business, and perhaps your corporate job at home), the ones that are making life happen.

We feed them, we clothe them, we keep the house moving…we are also the ones that are TIRED of dishes, laundry, making ends meet, and ALL. The .things! But, know this….you can learn to find comfort in the mundane.

There can be peace in the “every day”. Better yet, there can be love in every thing you do…you can live an abundant life! Live a life with less stress, be radiant and resilient!

You are valued! You are loved! You are WORTHY of knowing that you are uniquely made in his image and for this, he brings us each new day, his mercies are new each morning and just as the sun shall rise, so do the flowers of the fields, each day! Rise up to the SON and feel the radiant love that he provides!

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