Hey there!
I'm Robie Lynn!

Through the years, just like you, I found myself wearing many hats and taking care of #allthethings. I was grateful for my kids, husband, and our home, but deep down I always had a desire to feel like I wanted and needed “more”,

  The older the kids got the more activities we had to keep up with, more laundry, more dishes, and a need for better nutritious meals.
I lived my life day by day reacting to everything. No plan, no true routine for my business 
 or my home. 

It wasn’t until my oldest child, my son, was in middle school that I FINALLY started implementing new strategies in my home and establishing routines that gave me more freedom in the day. Along with the new daily routines  I learned a lot about my mind set and how that played a role. Finally, I was able to set expectations for myself that were more realistic and attainable.

I learned that yes, my ONE JOB, is to provide and take care of my family first. But, my most important focus should be on taking care of me and reminding myself that “I am enough”.

If only I had found this life of routines and living 5 minute messy I could have saved many hours of yelling, searching for that one missing baseball sock, not having those important school papers turned in on time, and the worst, causing stress and chaos in my kindergartener because I had to now hurry to get to the bus stop because of that one email I needed to send to my client first. 

I began looking into jobs that I could do from home and became an apprentice for a local Wedding Planner and just after a few months bought the business. I had a great schedule in place working and meeting with clients during nap times or in the evening, things were great!

At the end of maternity leave, my husband and I decided that I would leave my full time job and stay home with my son. I thought, “Why not? This is great. I can totally do this!” I had the cleanest home, never one piece of dirty laundry. I became crafty, cooking nice meals every night out of cookbooks, had a wonderful social life with friends and family, but 

I needed to be more than
just the keeper of the house and #allthethings

 But still,
my need for fulfillment wasn’t met.
  I needed more. 

I could be successful and raise my kids, too! 

It just felt like I was no longer enough to handle #allthethings. 

I needed more.

I ended up back to work full time out of the home just until my 2nd child was born and then, the decision was made to be back home as a full time mommy. Just like before I was back to what felt like the “perfect” “all together” stay at home mom life, you know, the kind we all dream of. Therefore, I started to grow my business again. Life was good, business was booming, I was busy, but most importantly, I had a purpose!  My kids were healthy and growing and so much fun, this is the life I dreamed of! 

 I wasn’t managing our money right and remember the days at the cash register watching the total add up and having to make decisions of what to remove so my debit card would clear. Often times it was the little things I wanted, like my Dr. Pepper! I remember the very early mornings of my husband getting ready for work with a pit in my stomach trying to remember if he had a pair of clean underwear left in the drawer. Dinners became less and less, no more of those new recipes that would result in dinner served in beautiful serving dishes, they started to become quick meals of whatever I could defrost in the microwave and put together, fast.  

You know the saying, “You had one job” right? Well, not really, you have now taken on many more roles feeling like you just aren’t enough and there aren’t enough hours in the day.  
Do you feel that way?

I spent hours searching the very slow dial up internet looking for hope, that magic button that would then make me feel like I am enough, the kind to give me a sense of fulfillment in what I was doing, not just in my business but in my home, with my kids, with my husband. 

Something had to change.

What happened to the 'put together' sexy wife I once was?

It was a life full of just reacting to life.
I spent many years exhausted.

“I am enough”
I can have a business and a home that is less chaotic! 

I could have enjoyed these years with my kids and been present. 

It was all in the way I thought about it!
I learned that doing the daily "chores" in smaller chunks and making it more of a routine allowed me MORE time in my day. I learned that it's not about being the chef, the maid, etc., it was about me providing for my family and taking care of our home, the place that my children and husband come home to, where they feel love and know  that they are safe. It was then that I realized I can have a business and a home that is less chaotic!

Each day started NEW once my feet hit the floor and it was up to me to make it
My Day My Way!

However, through the years all of that changed and once again, now as a mother of 3, I was just trying to keep up.  A Friend once said to me, 

I was told by my grandmother (a southern belle) that I was never 100% together.

What happened?
I remember one afternoon walking by the mirror in my bedroom with the laundry basket on one hip and a baby on the other hip and stopping. I stared at this girl in the mirror wondering "Who am I"? No makeup, in sweatpants and my husbands big shirt, I began to cry.

Where was Robie?
I started to feel like my only purpose was to be the chef, the maid, the babysitter.
Why even get dressed during the day because all I was doing was cleaning and surrounded by the mounds of laundry.

I once was the girl that was always filled with laughter and socializing with girlfriends and now has tears and feels sadness when I look at myself,  I was now constantly comparing the life of my friends to mine and wondering 
“Why can’t I have it all together like Janet?”

Balance, not sure if that will ever be the word that describes my life, but I can say that even now, married for 27 years with 2 of my daughters and my 2 yr old grandson at home, I feel like I am enough and have created the home that provides my family with a “safe place to fall”, the place they like to be, they feel comfortable in, their HOME.

Imagine if YOU were able to learn how doing the daily "chores" in smaller chunks and making it more of a routine allowed MORE time in your day. If only you could learn to see yourself as so much more than the chef, the maid, etc., and how it's truly about providing for your family and taking care of your home, the place that your children and husband come home to, where they feel love and know that they are safe. You, too, can experience the mind shifts that allow you to have the time you need for a business that you are proud of and a home that is less chaotic! 

If only....

Fast forward to today!  I started Burlap and Daisies  so  together, we can help you by providing new strategies, small steps towards new routines that work within your family's daily rhythm. These strategies and mind shifts can help to regain your energy while  significantly reducing the chaos. In just minutes a day your home can have a calming atmosphere that allows you to create the time to focus on your own creativity in your business while releasing yourself from the mommy guilt.

 Imagine a day where you feel valued instead of exhausted and tired of trying to keep up with #allthingthings in your home. Allow yourself the ability to be an awesome mom for your kids AND the successful business owner  you desire to be. 

Your house is “clean, just cluttered”. 

You are never 100% together. 

Home Management Strategist and Life Coach

 My many reasons!

Now a mom of adult Children

The day we became 

The little one calls me

I am and will always be a Mom!

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