Being potted in a little tiny pot…


I was listening to a Podcast by Melyssa Griffin on her Pursuit with Purpose podcast and this one was titled, “It’s Okay to change your mind, (about everything!)” and it’s about not being afraid to make necessary changes in your life. She had Natalie MacNeil as her guest and they referred to this quote made by Natalie. This really resonated with me and I have changed it a bit to my own words. What a great metaphor for our own lives. This will mean so many different things to different people.  I just love it!


I Was feeling like a tree planted in a tiny pot with roots that had no where else to doYou can keep a tree in a pot and you can repot it into a bigger pot so it can continue to grow, but

Definitely thing it’s time to start looking at a bigger pot for now…to continue my slow growth until it’s TIME to get outside and fully blossom!  Why? Because I know that He’s not finished with me just yet!



Is it time to get your hands dirty and repot!