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Can’t we just let it go – and be Happy!

I came home tonight and my oldest daughter and her boyfriend were here and we were chatting and catching up in the kitchen, as our family usually does EACH night, yes, for about an hour while dinner is being made, or well, we snack instead. Oh, sorry, back to the story…in recapping events of the day and the weekend, and current events, he said it best, “Dang everyone is in a bad mood!”  Well, he was right!

Why do some people just stay so uptight and stressed out? Why can’t we just not care about the little things that really won’t matter in 1 or 2 years from now, but yet let it ruin our day, and the evening when we finally reunite with our loved ones after spending so many hours outside of the home??

When I say “we”, oh yes, I mean ME as well! I am horrible and let my days get robbed over worry and stress!

No  Doubt. So now what? 

I am feeling a little blessed and a bit of a lesson taught tonight when I came across this post tonight. These babies have no worries at this moment. This little guy is the one that is including everyone. They are happy, and seriously….tell me that in these 55 seconds that you didn’t just let go a little bit…and smile, and maybe give a little chair dance. Am I right? Did you possibly watch it twice?

Are your kids dancing and singing like these children?

Do you really think that your kids don’t feel your stress and worry about finances or whether or not their room is clean. This is truly what our lives should be all about. We were made to live with him and praise him each day, and be happy! We are to take PLEASURE in God.

Some short paraphrases:

James 2 – We are called the Heirs of the Kingdom in Faith.

Matthew 13: 44-46: All the treasure are hidden in him.

Psalm 23 – The Lord is my shepherd….I will fear no evil…

“All present fellowship with God is a fore taste of eternal felicity!”

Watch these babies, so happy and not a care in the world!

I have no words to follow this video, other than…when was the last time you were able to let go and just be happy? Can you be the leader like this little boy and bring your friends along and join in on your happiness?


Watch the video here!

Need to dance and smile just a bit more, I will try!


2 thoughts on “Can’t we just let it go – and be Happy!”

  1. Love this so blessed I am able to spend my days with stress free not a car in the world little ones. Definitely​ makes for a happy heart. Not saying the day can’t be a bit trying at times. But I get through it. ❤

    1. Kristina, I admire you because you do get to spend the day with these innocent children that can show unconditional love! I am sure that each day in your home is filled with happiness because you have a goal in mind, to nurture, love, teach and return those babies to their parents better than they arrived! <
      3 I Love that!

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