Is making a Bed just another chore? The answer is No! Really, here’s why.

Blessing Your Home, Featured

Making the Bed – Do you feel like it’s a Chore or Relaxing?

Rid yourself of mom guilt and the messy house just 5 minutes at a time. Once you start to look at your home in just 5 minute increments you will be amazed at what can be accomplished 5 minutes at time.

Blessing Your Home, Featured

How to Clean a Messy House 5 Minutes at a time!

overwhelmed with a messy house

Seriously, within minutes that one drawer that becomes your stash all, and the one drawer that can cause you the most frustration can be organized and PRETTY! Add more Simplicity to your life!     Chances are your kitchen junk drawer is well junky. Follow these simple organization steps to optimize this crucial storage space. […]

Blessing Your Home

Come on, you know you have one – the JUNK Drawer!

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