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Social Butterfly no longer, it’s just safer in the cocoon…

Why life has become so hard for me doesn't have everything to do with the fact that my children are growing, financially we're not where I thought we would  be, and even not where I thought I would be in my professional life. The hardest part for me has been the past five years where… Continue reading Social Butterfly no longer, it’s just safer in the cocoon…

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Tuna Melts – Quick and Yummy!

With just a bit of modification this sounds like a great lunch or even an appetizer for a party! So glad I came across this from Martha Stewart sharing Emeril's recipe!   UNDER 30 MINUTES Emeril's Kicked-Up Tuna Melts Little ones will have fun measuring and mixing ingredients for the tuna melts. PREP: 15 MINS… Continue reading Tuna Melts – Quick and Yummy!

Gluten Free and Fructose "FREE", LowFODMAP

Gluten and Fructose “FREE”

Some days are so far from feeling "FREE"   Gluten and fructose free - for me, is so far from being FREE. I feel like I am trapped in a souffle, while prepared correctly and in the oven it's beautiful and things are going well, until you take it out, feeling really good and then… Continue reading Gluten and Fructose “FREE”

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Under THIS Roof

Welcome to Under THIS Roof! You’ll find an imperfect woman trying to make a perfect life! Under THIS Roof is where it all happens.  It’s our safe place to fall, the one spot we can just be, whatever it is that we are wanting to be. Some days we are nothing more than a hot… Continue reading Under THIS Roof