Who’s dropping joy by you today? Pick it up, receive it.

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Take It. Pick it up. Receive it!

Who told you that you are worthless, that you could never “do that”, that bad things could never happen to good people?

Life on Purpose

Who told you that?

I loved an article written by Lisa Jacobson on Club 31 Women and wanted to share these 3 key things your daughter desires to hear from you, Mom.  A bond between a mom and her daughter is very special, and so different with each one of us. Even as this states, relationships move and breathe […]

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Mom, 3 things your daughter desires to hear from you.

Mom and little daughter laughing forehead to forehead

I have told you all many times that I feel so stuck living in Northern Virginia next door to the Joneses, and well, being friends with them, that it’s hard to not be able to keep up. I struggle with having to turn down invites due to our financial status at the time, or trying […]

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Living next door to those Joneses…Geez!

But now, I am the one that stopped going out for many personal reasons. There are those that will continue to judge and that will never understand what it is like, unfortunately. These days it’s just easier to stay home within the safety of my own refrigerator and pantry.

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Social Butterfly no longer, it's just safer in the cocoon…

Sure, I’ve done part my part in the world wide web of social media! I have liked and now LOVED my share of photos and left plenty of well-meaning comments, thrown around an array of emojis and shared my fill of inspirational quotes. I have been connected, to say the least. But, sadly, I haven’t […]

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Social, but oh so lonely!

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