Blessing Your Home

Chore or Relaxing? Talking about Making a Bed…really? Yes! Really!

I personally try to make my bed every morning and I do not feel like it’s a chore! To me, it’s just one little way to make me feel like I am starting the day in control, relieving just a bit of chaos for when I walk back in that night after work to change clothes.

But, also I do it for my husband. He loves that feeling of the Cold Sheets like so many do. Since he is the first to get into bed at night, well, I like to know that in just less than 3 minutes I was able to do a little something to show him I appreciate him and how hard he works!

So for me, it’s definitely Relaxing!

But, which way do you do it?  Watch this quick video on yes, making a bed! Comment below, Mother vs. Daughter!

What are your thoughts?