Making the Bed – Do you feel like it’s a Chore or Relaxing?

No, this isn’t a whole post of why you should make your bed, but just simply an outlook of how it doesn’t have to be looked at as a Chore. Yes, I’m sure you grew up with your mother telling you a million times “make your bed”.  And oh yes, the Admiral McRaven’s commencement address is definitely an eye opener. But let’s face it, who doesn’t love to slip between the sheets of a made bed to end your day?  The key is to realize that making your bed really can be relaxing if you realize the reasoning behind it. 

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day,″ he said. “It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.” Admiral McRaven

I personally try to make my bed every morning and I do not feel like it’s a chore! For me, it’s just one little way to make me feel like I am starting the day in control. In just 3 minutes I am able to prepare my bedroom to be the the sanctuary that it’s supposed to be. (We’ll leave that topic for another day!)  It makes the entire bedroom look bigger, cleaner, and organized, which allows me to feel a sense of peace and calmness every time I walk in. 

Why making the bed is relaxing? 

It is said that by making the bed in the morning it can help to reduce your stress levels as well as help you to get better rest. The idea of falling asleep in a room that is tidy and organized has calming affects, especially when the day has been hard.

But, I also do it for my husband.  He is the first to get into bed at night and let’s face it, who doesn’t love the feeling of slipping between the sheets to end the day. It’s a way that in less than 3 minutes I was able to do “a little something” to show him I appreciate him and how hard he works! He is the last one out of the bed in the morning, even thought he does a little tug of the covers most mornings, it just takes me a few quick minutes to “make the bed”.  

Woman holding laundry basket wanting a balanced life

For me, Making the Bed is Relaxing!

So for me, it’s definitely Relaxing! It gives a sense of accomplishment as well as “peace” when I walk back into my room. Think of the hospitality industry and how much effort they put into making the beds.  They are made tight and crisp so when you return from your day you can fall into comfort.   

Want a quick tip?

If you are just in the “pull the covers up” mode, that’s ok.  Here is a quick tip that can help you accomplish that task.  Put your flat sheet on upside down. That way when you are folding the top back to lay the pillows out, you will see the design, or pattern of the sheet, or if plain white, the completed side of the stitching, not the under side. 

Also, if you think of doing this one task, it really becomes a strategy.  This is the FIRST check mark of the day and it really takes just 5 minutes, or less.  This is a great way to start to clean your house, 5 minutes at a time.  Here are some more ideas on strategies to clean your mess house 5 minutes at a time. 

Little girl proud of making her bed

Now it’s the kids turn.

One more thing to consider, depending on the age of your kids, be that mom! Be the mom that continually tells the kids to ‘make your bed’.  Now, let’s think about it for a minute.  They are little, but it’s never too early to have them start by pulling up the covers. It’s simple. By doing this one simple task in the morning, it too will help them to start to learn discipline.  This also means that them learning to do this task is actually them starting to help you around the house.

Kids love to help!

Depending on the age, that can be fun for kids.  How often do they want to help you? Mostly at the most inconvenient times but this could be a great time for conversation as well.  It can allow them to place the stuff animals on the bed where they want them, which is now allowing them their own opinions as well as decision making.  

Here’s your 5 easy steps to making the bed (the fast way): 

  1. Grab the fitted sheet corners to be sure it’s tight over the corners of the mattress. 
  2. Pull up the flat sheet to the top of the bed smoothing out from side to side. 
  3. Pull up the blanket, duvet, comforter, whatever one you have to the top of the bed smoothing out from side to side
  4. Grabbing the flat sheet and comforter, pull both sides back to about 1/3 of the top of the bed. 
  5. Lay your pillows down and add any additional throw pillows you have.

beautifully made master bed

Don’t Stress over this. 

Don’t stress. This is to be relaxing, not a chore! It might not happen 365 days, but I bet that for every day your bed is made, will be a day that does start off with a bit of an accomplished feeling and as you crawl into bed, it will be a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

Just another little KISS (keep it simple strategy) from Robie Lynn!

Until next time, Hugs and Love, 


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