Blessing this Home

Dysfunctional Mess to WOW!


Mom, There is Nothing to Eat! 

How often to we hear that?  How often do we feel the same way when truly we have a pantry filled with cans and boxes of “stuff” but we just aren’t sure what it is hiding in there?  Often we open the door and stare. Just stare and close it again.

It becomes overwhelming.  When we moved I was thrilled to have a pantry in the kitchen which I had never had before. We had makeshift shelves in the garage and then way over in the other side of the house with more makeshift shelves on the way to the basement.  But, here we had a pantry in the Kitchen!  So excited!

This pantry was the worst and we packed it complete and couldn’t ever find anything. My daughter organized it monthly, I tried several times.  I even had some ladies that stayed one night after I hosted a LRC game that tried to organize.  (That was embarrassing!)

I gave in!  It was time!  I was inspired from Pinterest!

  1. We created our own pattern with the Painters Tape we already had!
  2. We had some left over paint and we got started!



  • I bought a few things to organize with an exchange at the Dollar Store for the baskets
  • Hit the Walmart for the storage containers, mason jars and basket.
  • Used crates I had to use to create a shelf at the top.
  • My husband built me a shelf with left over closet shelving


4 hours Later and Under $100 I felt ORGANIZED!

 With my daughter’s help we transformed this space to one that we enjoyed looking at and made a point to keep it organized!

What are your thoughts?