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EASY Closet Organization!

We are all looking for easy ways to help “break it down”. We get so overwhelmed when looking at the big picture, right?  Well I love this article I found this morning. So easy to help think of how to clean our closets! This is SO DOABLE!  Check it out!


10 Things to Toss From Your Closet:

How Many Are You Hoarding?

| Jan 19, 2017

Decisions, decisions … it’s been said that clutter is just delayed decisions. How many of those delayed decisions are hanging out in your closet? Probably more than you realize.

Yes, it’s difficult to let go of things, but once you do, you’ll have more space, feel more organized, and not find yourself screaming and randomly pulling things off hangers when you can’t find your favorite sweater again (just me?). So don’t delay those decisions any longer.

Here are 10 closet-clearing decisions with one easy answer: Toss it.

1. Store bags

We’re not talking flimsy plastic bags or brown paper ones, though those should go, too. We’re talking about the fancy ones that are sturdy, chic, and seemingly impossible to let go of because you’re sure they’ll be good for something other than cluttering a landfill. I found 37 Lululemon bags in my closet. I don’t even shop there that much, but I think I’ve saved every single one I got over the past decade. And those are just Lululemon…

The thing is, you simply don’t need that many. Saving a few is great, as they can come in handy (perfect for wet bathing suits!), but a few is key. And if you’re still worried about that landfill, next time you go shopping, bring a reusable bag!

2. All those old towels, sheets, pillowcases you’re saving for …?

Chances are you’re not going to host the world’s biggest sleepover. If you have enough sheets and pillows for all of the beds in your house, plus a couple more for someone potentially crashing on your couch, you’re good.

As for your stained, ripped, dingy linens, gather them up and donate them. Pet shelters are always in need, and just think how much Fido or Fluffy will love lounging on your old sheets.

3. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year

Don’t rely on your memory, which will tell you you wear that sweater all the time, when in fact you don’t. Instead, turn all of your hangers around (the round part at the top facing away from you), then put it the correct way after wearing it. Anything still facing the “wrong” way at the end of the year goes.

4.  Running shoes whose time has run out

Yes, the memories of the miles are strong, but old running shoes aren’t going in any scrapbooks. After 300 to 500 miles, the cushion breaks down and they’re not protecting your feet and legs like they should. You may want to keep one old pair for rainy, muddy occasions, but to the seven old pairs in my closet (of the exact same style shoe), it’s time for us to part.

Tip: There are plenty of organizations that collect old running shoes to recycle and repurpose them for those in need.

5. Things you’re waiting to fit into/come back in style

Hope springs eternal in one’s closet, but the reality is that even if something comes back in style, your old version probably isn’t going to be quite right—it’s just going to look old. And those jeans you just know you’ll fit back into when you lose those last 10 pounds? Reward yourself with a new pair instead.

6. Wire coat hangers

To quote Joan Crawford, “No wire hangers, ever!” And those plastic bags from the dry cleaner that come with them? They should never even make it into your closet.

Martha Stewart suggests removing them outside or in the garage, to air out some of the harmful cleaning chemicals that were used on the garment.

7. Promotional clothing

Can you ever have too many T-shirts? Yes, especially if your shelves are overflowing with tops that turn you into a walking billboard. It’s always exciting to get something for free, but no one needs 10 Turkey Trot tees.

8. Socks without a mate

Where do they go? No one knows; it’s one of the great mysteries of life. One thing we do know: You’re never going to find the other one, so just toss the single and end its misery.

9. Anything with a stain

You can tell yourself that one day you’ll figure out how to get that stain out or bleach it, dye it, patch it so no one can tell. Here’s a good stain-removal guide if you want to give it one last try, but chances are once it’s dry and hanging back up in your closet, that stain is a permanent part of your collection. Going forward, be vigilant about treating stains right away.

10. Special occasion items

Old bridesmaid dresses/prom dresses/that sweater your mom made you wear for family pictures? No matter how much the bride (or your mom) promised that you’ll wear it all the time, you won’t.

Julie Ryan Evans is an editor and writer who has covered everything from politics to pop culture and beyond. She loves running, reading, cold wine, and hot weather.

4 thoughts on “EASY Closet Organization!”

  1. #3 ain’t ever happening!! Maybe in 10 years….but, I’m too big of a shopper!! No bags, nope not one of them! Wire hangers…all my clothes….welll, most, would be on the floor! And those plastic bags from the cleaner….talk to my husband! Good lort!

  2. I love this! Some of them I have already been “working on” for a while, but I’ve been hoarding sheets myself. Even gathered some up I thought I would sell at a yard sale. But I never thought about donating them to the animal shelter. And I’m all about that “stained clothing” idea. I have a ton of those and old socks I have turned into cleaning rags. Thanks for sharing this, RL!

    1. Gail you are so right! But I love the cleaning rags idea with the old socks! My biggest downfall is the Store Bags! I do have some ratty towels that I just need to TOSS as well! For some reason, I just don’t buy towels, and well, after being married for 23 years and I know I did receive some as a wedding present, I guess it’s time! 🙂

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