Gluten Free and Fructose "FREE", LowFODMAP

Gluten and Fructose “FREE”

Some days are so far from
feeling “FREE”



Gluten and fructose free – for me, is so far from being FREE. I feel like I am trapped in a souffle, while prepared correctly and in the oven it’s beautiful and things are going well, until you take it out, feeling really good and then BOOM! POOF!  Deflated…. That’s exactly how I feel after I eat, anything. Well, actually very opposite, within minutes, POOF!  EXPLODED and WOW!  Zero…to beyond bloated.  They actually call it stomach distention.


Before! and AFTER!stomach-1 stomach-2

In October of 2011 I finally decided to seek medical help for some issues that I was noticing after eating meals and even drinking. I was basically told to stop eating everything I was, and in my opinion, those were my go to foods which I felt the most comfortable eating, and then told to take an antacid pill. Let’s just say “that doctor” was not my favorite that day.  He did take action and perform an endoscopy which is the camera put down your throat into your stomach which is the procedure commonly done these days to test for Celiac disease. I also did a breath test. Nothing.

I ended up going for a second opinion and felt like this “lady (ding ding ding) doctor” was much more understanding. We did a colonoscopy and she went further to do a 4 hour long ultrasound and a scan with drinking that yucky this is “OH SO NOT A MILKSHAKE” chalk drink with xrays. Once again, bloating occured and I could watch it hit my stomach, yet it the results were, nothing. Her suggestion, how about you cut out Fructose too, the symptoms are the same Gluten.

WHAT? How am I to eat? Google this and Google that! Bascially it was to give up everything I eat and drink!


We all know that food is social. To be social with our friends and family it always involves food. This is even true in the workplace! Happy Hour, Cocktail Hour, Parties, Dinner Parties, “Let’s Do Lunch” and even meetings when they want to “Bring something for the sales team”.

When you can’t eat like others you feel like you are giving up so much. Not by personal choice like a Vegetarian or Vegan. When people are on a diet they “choose” not to eat that particular food.  I have no choice. A bite of the wrong food can affect me up to 14 days, not just set me back on my diet. I get ill. My body completely reacts, not just physically but mentally.

Just to go anywhere these days that involves food requires me packing my own and then having to worry about refrigeration and how easy I will be able to eat it because it’s “outside” food being brought in to a venue. The list goes on.

The amount of people that don’t understand saddens me. I’ve been accused of doing drugs, having anorexia, and just being oversensitive, it’s all mental. Words from people that I wanted to lean on the most are “Everyone bloats when they eat.”  Well, that’s not true and maybe you might have a problem too if you think so.

I’d like to have a penny for all the “advice” people like to give me and for all the articles with all the “Happiness” and “I’ve been healed” articles. I strive to overcome these “food obstacles” daily, but I struggle everyday, its been  5 years since I was “diagnosed” with Gluten intolerance, 3 years ago with Fructose.

It’s easier to go out to dinner, but then the million questions just to order food begin. While out with others I am the one that everyone jokes about. It’s like the scene in When Harry Met Sally with hold this, put this on the side, etc. Difference is, it’s not just me being picky. It’s the attention I don’t want. Oh, then let’s not even talk about those waiters that feel they are so smart they don’t have to write anything down.  Well, ummm, you’ve never met me! I’m going to start betting them cause NOT ONE gets it right. Just grab your pen!

Intolerance. I suffer a lot. I have maybe 3 days out of every 7 that are “good”. But I carry on. Every time I go grocery shopping for the family is equivalent to me like an alcoholic being asked to shop for your friends in the ABC store. (Alcoholic Beverage Store).  You know you can’t have it but you are SURROUNDED by it. Mentally I am losing it, my memory. I am always feeling only about 1/2. I can’t focus, I have a hard time trying to be diligent in one task. The OCD is now horrible. The stress and anxiety is beyond measurable which I know is not helping my stomach as I carry much “stress in my stomach” which is a thing. I am sensitive, to everything. It’s truly just easier to be alone.

So all these “Hey I’m Gluten Free or Fructose Free” articles and people I meet – “Yep! Not So Much!” I am an undiagnosed mess living meal to meal. Planning my outfits accordingly just in case of a “bad belly day”.

But, the positive is that there are foods that I can eat. The only way to overcome this is to continue to seek those foods and recipes. My husband has learned a lot and he is my chef. Without him I would starve since food has become such a negative to me. The blessing is he has done the research and has cooked me some great meals and all through trial and error and with modification.

It is here that I will post recipes that I have found to be GOOD! I search for Gluten and Fructose Free recipes all the time, and they just aren’t out there. Here, I hope to be able to help others that are possibly suffering with the same symptoms.

I hope that if you suffer any of these symptoms you can continue

to check back and find some yummy recipes that you can eat!



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