How to Clean a Messy House 5 Minutes at a time!

overwhelmed with a messy house

You are overwhelmed! You look around at the messy house and wonder how it happened? Or, maybe you do know how it happened but you are just so overwhelmed that you aren’t even sure how to even start to clean a messy house.

It got messy in 5 minutes and we will get the mess cleaned up in just 5 minutes at a time!

Here’s how to Clean a Messy house 5 minutes at a time!

In just 5 minutes at a time you can start to LOSE that overwhelmed feeling and get moving towards less mess which will help to release the chaos!

What’s the key to doing this? You just start! It’s that easy!

ALWAYS start in the bedroom!

Set the Timer! Just 5 Minutes is all you need to Clean the Mess!

Make Your Bed

  • Don’t just pull up the covers, instead pull up the covers and straighten out the sheets and comforter. Make all sides even all the way around the bed. Then, go ahead and tuck the pillows in the comforter and pull it nice and tight! Do you have a throw pillow that you like and might be hiding somewhere in the house because it hasn’t been on the bed? If not, go find a cute little pillow to put on your freshly made bed. (Did you just roll your eyes at me because we are talking about making the bed? Take a minute to hear why it’s so important to Make Your Bed.

Now each time you walk into your room or by your room you will see and feel that sense of accomplishment!

Are you ready for another 5 mins? Start the timer!

Next will Always be to do the dishes!

  • CLEAN out the sink and get all that nastiness out of the sink!
    1. If you don’t have a dishwasher than yes the thought of handwashing all of that at once can be mind blowing. I get it. So start BIG! Tackle the biggest pot or dish in the sink. Wash and put in the strainer to dry. Do this for 5 mins and then move on to the next project.

Where do you spend the most time?

This is next! Set the timer and let’s go!

In only 5 minutes do you realize how many items you can actually pick up and put away? Have the kids help. Here’s what to look for first!

  • Shoes – pick up all the shoes laying around and put them away. (All items in the home must have a HOME!)
  • Throw pillows and blankets that might be thrown around on the floor or scattered on the sofa. Fold hang up or put them in their designated area. (All items in the home must have a HOME!)
  • Remotes – time to locate them and put them in their designated area. (All items in the home must have a HOME!) I like to find a cute little box or container that can be used a decorative piece but be functional for storage. This will help everyone learn to keep the remotes in ONE location so it’s easily found, but yet not be “cluttering” your side table or coffee table as well.
  • Toys – yes of course this is most likely the biggest issue of all. Do a quick clean up! Grab a bag (all kids love a bag) and start to pick up the items that don’t belong and carry them to the room they do belong in. Put them on the shelf, in the basket, the bin, the toy box, wherever they belong. (All items in the home must have a HOME!)

Once you start to look at your home in 5 minute increments you will be amazed at what can be accomplished 5 minutes at time. The process will not feel so overwhelming the more you work 5 minutes at a time.

Just another little KISS (keep it simple strategy) from Robie Lynn!

Until next time, hugs and love to you!

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