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If You Quit Pedaling, the Bike will Fall Over…with You On It!

woman-roadI hear this little melody playing from my phone starting off so softly and gradually getting a little louder, and a little louder, my eyes begin to open and very quickly I come to recognize that same ol’ feeling of hopelessness and sadness that just screams, “but I don’t wanna get up!”

I am NOT a morning person and I am definitely not a Monday morning person, and even more than that, I am not a Rainy Cold Monday Morning person!  I feel so strongly about these feeling that trust me, I could keep going, and I KNOW I am not alone on these feelings.

As I am staring into my closet wondering what on earth I want to wear on this day, I just feel so needy. I need new clothes. I need shoes. I need more sleep. I need to just wake up and be happy and perky. Ugh, I just need a new closet! I’m never fashionable at Spring or Fall cause it’s still such a in between time and I am still too cold to wear open toe shows now.  So I as hard as I am trying I’m not able to push myself forward into this Springtime just yet. I should be looking out the window and able to accept these rainy days and see all the beauty that is coming from it.  It is God’s beauty and how it proves that each day, the earth is changing, the trees, the leaves, the grass, etc.

Nope! It’s not just another Monday!

So with these thoughts…my attitude changed.  Nope! It’s not just another Monday.  It’s a Monday, the beginning of the week.  It’s a new day! A New start! A day 1 out of the next 5 that I can spend at work accomplish goals and making a difference, be able to be my creative self, etc.

But the mom in me NEEDS to be home. There are things that I need to accomplish. I need today to be a Monday with 5 days to accomplish “family stuff” and be there for my children, Wally, and more importantly, to Bless my House and my Finances!

Here I sit at my desk and find myself drifting into mothering so easy. My children are on my mind today as they too experience this Monday. So many things happening. It truly doesn’t matter their age, they are our children and we will always feel their excitement, but also their pain and daily struggles as they continue to learn and grow.


It’s so hard as parents to watch the struggles your kids are fighting. We can’t always help, as bad as we want.  We need to have the hope and just remember, these struggles today will not be the same as tomorrow. Just as with us…each day is different and we constantly are going through changes each day. Mentally and well, truthfully, physically. It doesn’t matter the age, we are gradually growing older and maturing, good or bad.

So in this time of reflection, I turn to my words, phrases, and inspiration that keeps me moving FORWARD!

I have NOT yet reached my full Potential!

I was on a call with a business coach years ago and she asked me a very important question –  Have you reached your full potential?  “Of course NOT”, I answered.

How appropriate today, we have not reached our full potential. In these daily changes we are enduring, we are growing and learning and as long as we are propelling ourselves forward, and we encourage our children to do the same, then are winning!

“He’s still working on me!

There is a song that I learned growing up that I still sing to do this day, I sing it loud and proud and when I feel like a mess and totally screwed up, I sing it louder.

“It took him just a week to make the moon and start, the sun and earth and Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient he much be, cause he’s still working on me!”

But, my grown up song is one that I heard YEARS ago and continue to sing and listen to as well, one that you just need to Crank It Up and Dance!

I’m a Change in the Making.

With every step that I’m taking
Everyday, you’re chipping away
What I don’t need
This is me under construction
This is my pride being broken
Everyday I’m closer to who I’m meant to be
I’m a change in the making



A bike can not function without motion. l-135108


You, Me, our children, our spouses.  We’ve got to get up, go to to work, and do our absolute best at all times!

We need to continue to strive to reach and set higher goals.  It’s when we  stop and feel complacent that we have give up.

There is also learning, more to explore. The earth continues to spin, that is what makes the days. If it were stop, just stop right where it was, where would you find yourself? Our bikes would fall over, with us on it!


So on this Monday, set yourself in a new motion. If you fail, pick up the bike and start again on Tuesday. Pedal hard on this up hill battles, and remember it’s freeing to coast and kick your feet off the pedals every once in awhile, but in order to keep your balance you must keep moving!

The struggle of today, will pass! 


Pick up that phone, and give yourself the Biggest Selfie Kiss and celebrate you, in motion!

Keep pedaling my friend,



What are your thoughts?