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In that moment I felt it, the next phase of life has truly begun.


Standing there being a part of his bride-to-be choosing a dress to be his wife was more emotional than I could have ever imagined!!!!

I was invited to be a part of my daughter in law-to-be’s  search for the perfect wedding gown. This is very different than we did ovwedding-boutiqueer 20 years  ago, now you take the entire entourage, the bridesmaids, maid of honor, etc.  Personally, that would have been too many opinions for me, but it’s a new thing, and undoubtedly because of the years of the hit show “Say Yes to the Dress” it has become a much bigger deal than an intimate setting.

I was honored to be asked, but I did feel a little out of place as the Mother of the Groom. (I refer to myself as the MOG) However, my daughters are bridesmaids and this was the first time meeting the “in-laws” as well. What input did I have? How are we suppose to help pick out a dress, THE DRESS that she would like? Well, it wasn’t so bad and Rylie and I began looking through all the dresses and we happened to find a few that we liked, and she liked as well. They gathered all of the dresses from her holding rack and we all took our place over at the pedestals and waited for her to come out in the gowns.

Standing there being a part of his bride-to-be choosing a dress to be his wife, the wife of my son, was more emotional than I could have ever imagined!!!! It was obvious of what she liked and what she didn’t. They all had an opinion and I literally was just in awe when I would really think about what was taking place. I almost felt numb and emotionless.

She was looking for that perfect dress, the one that as soon as those doors opened in the back of the church all the guests would turn to look and all eyes would be on her. Do you remember that day for you?  I do. But the difference was she was doing this while envisioning my son at the end of the aisle. WOW! Talk about reality.

She tried on a few dresses and then next thing we know she came back out in the very first one with a big smile on her face. It was the one. They made a big deal and the question was asked, “Are you saying YES to the Dress?”

She answered, “YES! THIS IS THE ONE!” Well that was an instant where tears filled and laughter and clapping and her bridesmaids and mom all hugged her, so excited.

Rylie and I just stood back behind the couch, quietly, as the tears started to fill our eyes. We looked at each other and that was it.  Our lives changed in that moment and reality truly set in that this was happening. My son would be the one at the end of the aisle, and her big brother is now stepping further and further away from her as well.

Julia looked at us and came over and the three of us hugged, and in that moment, I felt it, it was the next phase of life becoming  more clear. For the last two years I have felt my little boy’s fingers slipping through mine, what once was those tiny hands with a tight grip walking by my side or snuggling on the couch have now become a hand much bigger than mine, slowly loosening its touch with each step he takes further into this great big world called adulthood.

It’s going to be…different.

What are your thoughts?