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Imperfect Progress!


Family? Home? Future?


Your kids? Your grandkids? Your Kids and your Grandkids?

Let’s talk here, share you experience! Comment to help another “Friend” out. It’s our tribe and only we can help each other. Not all of our acquaintances or coworkers of even BFF’s are in our stage of life that we are.  I ask you to share your experience! You never know who you can help!

Do you feel like you are messing up, or maybe you already messed up and not sure how to fix a relationship with your older child, or not sure how to exactly be parent to them right now.

It’s ok, we are imperfect! They are definitely imperfect! We are going through Imperfect changes! The only thing we can do is make Imperfect changes, step by step, to create the life we are meant to have with Imperfect Progress.

Comment below! Or join us on

I am also getting asked to do a Facebook Group for our “tribe” of us looking for some “pat on the backs”, or “atta girls”, or to just vent our frustration of these new roles we are living with our growing adult children, finances, budgeting, etc.!

Let me know what you think! I am ready to help ease us in to our next role, TOGETHER and make Imperfect Progress! Who is with me?


Looking forward to sharing imperfect’ism with you, (oh next door to the perfect Joneses)



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