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Mom Taxi – Laid Off!

Our lives were busy! Every minute.

We were living a life of routines, morning, nap time dinner, evening family time, and then bedtime. The days were filled chasing my 3 kiddos through the house as I constantly felt the need to be cleaning up after them.  I can remember thinking, “Oh when will things change?”


Then the time came, the next phase of little ones that I had dreamed of, elementary school!  This meant new routines and places to be, volunteering or play dates, and most importantly, learning to get the errands done during those few hours a day!

We were living our lives following the color coded calendars.

text103366_1From this point forward I noticed the slight change had begun. The sports started. You know the feeling, we turned into the “Mom Taxi”! We were living our lives following the color coded calendars. Sports practices, games, and of course the team picture day, not just for one child, but all three.

The hustle and bustle continued through the years as they started to try out and make the school teams while still playing on our local league teams. Once we got the routines down and learned how to function as family and manage to have dinners on the weeknights, the idea of Travel teams came to our area. We were now traveling further and spending both days of the weekends on the field, while playing on the local teams, and school teams, along with everything else going on, including their new friendships and new found social lives!

We longed for the day and probably yelled out a few times,                      “if only you could drive yourself!” 



Then the day came. We realized that allowing them to drive to practice once they received their Drivers Permit wasn’t just getting them to practice, but also logging in those driving hours! It was a WIN WIN! This was great, we have moved over to the passenger seat and we found ourselves daydreaming of the day when we could just slow down and get more accomplished because they could soon drive themselves.

Then it happened, time seemed to move quicker, they were driving and now Mom had more time. Just like that, I found myself with a new life, laid back. Laid back, as in, like, I was laid off. I lost my job. The phrases of, “sorry you are no longer needed”, “it is no longer necessary to have this position anymore”, “your time is up” all came to mind.  What an empty feeling. The calendar still has life happening, but no need to be color coded per child. This Mom Taxi had been Laid Off.

So what do we do? Where do we go from here? How do we work with this next phase of our lives when all we know and have been for years is that Mom that was needed for everything? We no longer will have those car rides where conversations happened that typically didn’t occur in the home while they were in front of the Play Station. All that “quality time” that we created (albeit some we may wish to forget) was now gone, but the day I had dreamed of is here, just not as I had expected.


So, as our lives start to find new routines and these changes occur, now is the time to start filling my days to step into my new role, to find my new “life-style”. It’s time to get out more and take myself to those places that I envisioned. Take the “me” that quietly developed over the years inside, out. It’s time to get out and venture.  But first, in order to do this, we must give ourselves a pat on the back! We did it! Not only did we manage, we managed well! We were SUCCESSFUL in our job as Mom Taxi!

Now it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat, take the car out of “park” and once again, Drive.  This time, you choose your destination.

Until next time,

Laid Off Mom Taxi, RL



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  1. Robbie this is just so true! I have found now I finally have the chance to really get into my own interests and hobbies. Enjoy!

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