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Neglecting your responsibilities! – YOU

We have been a wife and mother for so long that we tend to forget that the most important person to keep healthy and happy is…US! We do so much for others Under THIS roof to make sure that everyone is well and smiling that we forget that the smiles start with us. When we are smiling we have a head start on making our loved ones smile.  WE shouldn’t rely on their smiles to make us smile, right? But, WE do.  We love their laughter and smiles, hug and kisses, and that is what helps us get through the day, however, it truly starts with us.

I love this message by Christy Wright. She is right on! Take a listen to learn how you can learn to be more responsible….(like we need more responsibility right? LOL)

It is YOUR responsibility to make yourself feel good!


Feeling guilty? Well, get back on track girl,

I know I am looking to be more responsible,


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