When the NEST EGG is empty!

Permission to Spend? Oh thank you!

Instead of looking at a budget as confining, start to realize that it really is allowing you to SPEND your money.

I have started using a free online budgeting tool called Every Dollar and it allows me to create and edit our budget monthly to meet our needs.  It’s me telling my money where to go! YES, I love that!

Giving every dollar a purpose and budgeting my money to the penny allows me to put the “Extra” where it needs to go, either savings or additional on a bill.

Stock PhotosI haven’t mastered this budget concept and even fail monthly, but this tool is VERY helpful to see where our money is spent.  Try it out! It’s FREE!

Every Dollar Budgeting tool

It’s a process, you will get through it, think of the end result!!




What are your thoughts?