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Stop the madness!


My question these days is, with whom does your faith lie?

I ask myself this daily. This is why I started my blog/website Under This Roof, with this concept in mind. The meaning of ‘Under THIS Roof” (notice THIS is all caps) is because it is under this roof that we as wives and mothers try to create the “safe place to fall”.  It’s us as an imperfect woman that try so hard to create peace, safety, and a home full of love for our family and all those that enter, under THIS roof. It’s within these four walls that we want to create that feeling where no one can harm us. At the end of the day when our child may have been ruffed up a bit by another at school, feelings were hurt, Hurricane Isabelle came through your hometown, 911, or the world started to fall apart with protest cause of the election of a president. For this reason, I feel that we work so hard to create an atmosphere to teach our children that love truly can conquer all, and there are some things that are within our control. What we create to be the the norm in our home and follow through in how we live our lives outside the home can act as a true learning moment to our children. They say that our children learn by our example, right? So, I know that as moms, we have tried our hardest to live by this.


Well fast forward to today. A new president. Riots. Protesting. Nasty comments and constant feeds of anger.  Well what is the difference between what we are facing and what our parents faced years ago?  SOCIAL MEDIA! Yep. The US is not experiencing anything new, the difference is that we have cameras everywhere to post on social media and there we go – a situation that is blown up tenfold. Along with that, comes that person’s opinion.

DRAMA! The very word most of us RUN from!

Before you want to start to berate me or confront me, know that the LAST thing I will ever talk about is politics. I really don’t follow too closely. Some say that is being negligent as a citizen. Some say that it’s hypocritical. Well, stop right there, because I am not here to talk about either candidate, Win or Lose. I voted. I expressed my civic right, yes. For who, doesn’t matter.

This is how I feel as a mother, as a wife. As the sole protect ant of the hearts of my children to protect the morals and values as being a decent human being. In this home, I did my best to teach my children about Jesus and his father, God. Who they were and why they are a part of my life, and should be a part of there. There are certain things that our government doesn’t have full control over and those “things” are what takes place under THIS roof. My home! I share the love, I create the joy, I do my best to keep this as the safe place for my family. I pray. We pray. We speak of God, who is the one that we believe holds the plan for our future, good or bad. We live for him.

“If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

The President is not my God. These hurtful posts, hateful posts, the entire Newsfeed on FB and on the TV are all so hateful of people with opinions. That’s all. People talking out loud to a platform that others will hear, yet have not control. Violence. Hatred. People say that our country is out of our control. Well I know that GOD is in control. The President has a cabinet in control and guess what, I am still the one in the decision making process. I decide my what get deposited and withdrawn from my account. I decide my work ethic at my full time job that keeps me employed and thankfully I am in an industry that for now is not directly affected by the government.

Oh wait, Real Estate. Yes, that is an industry that is affected, but people didn’t buy for the past 5 years with the lowest rates of ALL time and now it’s an issue. What’s the saying, “___ or get off the pot”.  What just took place with his first Exec. Order isn’t going to matter. The people weren’t out there buying 6 months ago. I still decide what bills I pay and honestly, how much. So do you. No one else writes your checks. This is still a country of freedom. No one is rationing our food. No one who is telling me who I can worship and who I can’t. Again, Thankfully!

The flip side, if I were to lose my job due to the President and economy, thankfully we do have enough jobs around her AND the ability to start our own businesses, to provide our own income at any given level of income depending on how hard we work. Oh wait, who works. Yes, US! We create our own destiny.

It would be so much easier to survive without all the negativity! BUT, we have God on our side and he is the one that sees our hearts, has our plans and is already there for our tomorrow! We just need to remain deep into our families, living and loving and protecting them. Teaching them that to be a self starter and knowing that sitting around and waiting for that trophy for just “showing up” isn’t how this world works, but to work hard, like their mom and dad did, and continue to do. Some may tell me to get out of my bubble and call this a sheltered life, but, I call it being a mother and a wife, and a BELIEVER in Christ. This is something I have FULL POWER to change, or not! It all lies in my belief in knowing that God has this!

I’d like to share the thoughts of a friend of mine that sparked my thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot as well, and she nailed it! I, too, get on social media and I want to scream…oops her thoughts were exactly mine. Here is what my friend, Melissa, had to say on her FB post..

“I’m giving it all over to the one who can. It’s won’t be easy. I’m sure I’ll fail, But….

I turn on the news…same. I get online… same. I could write post after post about what I think; About the obvious bias’ I see; About so many things. But the reality is, it doesn’t change anything. So I’ve decided to stick with the one who changes everything- Jesus!! For believers reading this post- we need to pray first. We need to pray more. Myself included!! We will not change the hearts of men. Only God does that. I can’t handle anymore politics, twisted stories, mean spirited posts, marches that only help us to degrade who we are in Christ. I’m giving it all over to the one who can. It won’t be easy. I’m sure I’ll fail. But I’m going to try like heck to run to Jesus and give it to Him every time I really want to “give it to” someone else. We’ve got to come together folks. This isn’t working and we’re only part of the problem if we keep going like this.

Melissa Feather (friend of mine, mother of 2, wife, and true woman of faith that has spent time in Columbia helping those in need, sharing love and her faith.)

“Try like Heck to Run to Jesus!” 

So, where does your Faith Lie?

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 

‘If your faith is built on worldly institutions – than yes, you should be running to the hills fearing for your life. But if you have built your faith in God than your head should still be hung high as you confidently go through each day knowing God is in control.”

As many are saying, “How can it be” Lauren Daigle is singing, “I will trust in you!”

Truth is you know what tomorrow brings.

There’s not a day ahead you have not seen.

So in all things be my life and breath,

I want what you want, Lord and nothing less.

When you don’t move the mountains, I needed you to move.

When you don’t part the waters, I wish I could walk through.

When you don’t give the answers as I cry out to you,

I Will trust, I will trust in you!

I will Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

If you don’t have the Faith, then where does your Hope Lie?

Let’s comment below and let’s chat about how you continue to play the role for your family in your faith to help feel secure in all the negativity and divide that our US is feeling.




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