Living Intentional

Living next door to those Joneses…Geez!

I have told you all many times that I feel so stuck living in Northern Virginia next door to the Joneses, and well, being friends with them, that it's hard to not be able to keep up. I struggle with having to turn down invites due to our financial status at the time, or trying… Continue reading Living next door to those Joneses…Geez!


Toxic?? Your friends, or could it be you?

I once heard it said that when you are at the point in  your life and you aren't happy with anyone around you, everyone is annoying you, it's time to examine yourself, FIRST! Well, I can say that I can quickly place blame on others for my feelings of hurt and disappointment, however, reading this… Continue reading Toxic?? Your friends, or could it be you?


We NEED our girlfriends!

"Life’s best connections happen in person. God created us to live in community, and while digital communities can enrich our lives, they can’t replace the joy of eye contact, laughter and tears, hugging and the comfort, love and affection of a live human friend. In Hebrews 10:24-25, God reminds us to intentionally gather together: “And… Continue reading We NEED our girlfriends!