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This isn’t just college, he’s really going, going on his own.

One of the reasons I started this blog was at the advice of my son and husband due to the upcoming wedding of my son. Well I am on the countdown and it’s only 15 days away. I am now feeling the pressure which is a little different since I haven’t been that involved.
Well, let’s just say that has been hard since I spent 7 years as a wedding an event planner. Now, I agree that was from 1995 to 2002 and well, that makes me sound like an outdated wedding and event planner, but let’s just say… a wedding is a wedding.

No matter what, a wedding needs to run smooth. This was my job, I was paid pretty good to ensure that the brides and grooms could have a great day/night, and well, I endured 7 years of stress, enjoyment, and a few bridezillas as they are referred to, but I can say success for sure!
I never thought I would forget my brides, but yet I look aimages (17)t each file and it’s amazing how many I don’t remember. It’s almost sad. Then while looking at the files I see a name and can’t believe that I forgot I had done their invitation, which really lead me to a heart warming moment.
As I was going through the boxes Wally came and said….”Can you believe that you did all these weddings, helped all these people put together their big events?” I added, ” All while raising our kids”. Oh so true! Not sure how I juggled it all, I just hope I didn’t ruin them, lol,
 My last wedding 2 weeks after Rylie was born. Business was doing great but weddings are all weekend, it was time to “come home” for the kiddos and stop missing JC’s t-ball games on the weekends.


But, it’s amazing what memories can be found in a box, well, are they memories if you don’t really even remember them, but are just reading about them? Weddings in Hawaii, Invitations for a bride that was killed in a car accident 13 years ago, a wedding at Veteran’s Park where I grew up as a kid and even my kids played soccer and Baseball, a wedding for a couple I know is no longer together, and even one on roller skates whose parents owned the rink with the reception in the snack bar, yes, we even made the paper on that one! 🙂 (Oh no, I didn’t need to wear skates thankfully because I would have never caught the ring bearer doing circles around me, literally, before he went down the aisle.)
unnamed (1)
All the happy memories of those couples that I hope and pray have lived a happy life, with or without kids, but I hope when they are reminded of Robie Lynn, they smile just as I did tonight reading through their file of their family members, the Mother’s of the Groom’s, the Bride’s, the Dad’s! Their songs that they chose as their first dance, seeing the invitations that I had ordered for them, the diagrams of floorplans so thoughtfully planned out with a purpose and their guest at each table. Being a wedding planner and coordinator will ALWAYS mean so much to me that people totally entrusted me with their daughter’s wedding, or their wedding, and actually paid me for that trust, to ensure that it all went as they envisioned. I am so pleased to know that I can say…I made that happen.
Now. In 15 days, I will be the one in the pew sitting there watching my son being lead to the alter behind his chosen minister, a man of God that he can truly call his friend, an example to him as a husband and a father. I will then see my husband follow in behind him and I am sure it wil be the start that the tears will begin. Next will be my two beautiful girls walking down the aisle, his little sisters that he has always shown the most sincere love and proud of his role as big brother.
It will all change after that moment. I will see him as the man standing in the front of the church, family and friends as he watches his bride come down the aisle.
images (18)
As monumental as all this is, one of the hardest of all will be to see my husband standing in the front of the church and not next to me with his hand in mine that I just know deep down, even now, that I will need to hold onto while we share that moment together . BUT, that’s ok, well, because, our son chose him to stand with him in the most important moment of his life to proclaim his love before God and his and her family, that he vows to take care of her and their future family in the way that he saw his father take care of us. So for that, I will sit proudly at the fact that Under THIS roof my family created this bond that the sisters are in his wedding, as well as his dad!
Oh my, 15 days. I guarantee tears and that I will start to really feel it now. The excitement, the joy, the pride, and well, yes, the momma tears that life as I once  knew it is still ever changing.

This isn’t college, he’s really images (16)going, on his own.

Pass the kleenex, please.


1 thought on “This isn’t just college, he’s really going, going on his own.”

  1. Robie Lynn,

    So beautifully written and heartfelt. You have a way of taking me with you through your moments of emotion. I know this wedding day will be beautiful! Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple!

    Warm Regards,
    Laura Alston

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