Living Intentional

When you just want to give up on this MOM thing….

arealmomBut it’s really like, Suck it Up Buttercup!

Worried, but Full of Hope! 

Our children don’t know what we are feeling. They do their own thing. They are growing and don’t need us like they did. Because they are doing their own thing they don’t know that we are in a constant state of mind of worry, constantly thinking of them. Hoping that when they tell us they are “ok” that truly means that they are okay. The world is a big place once they step out the front door, and even bigger when that car pulls out of your driveway. When we are filled with worry truly the only way for us to release this anxiety is to take that moment and pray for them. Prayers that they are making the right decisions sometimes is all we can do now and we truly HOPE for the very best for each of our children. Hope is what makes us get up each day to better ourselves and create a warm space in our homes in hopes for smiles and happiness, to provide laughter and health while we are together Under THIS Roof.

Overwhelmed but NEVER quits!

Ever wonder how things get done around the house? Well of course not, you know! We know who is the driving force to make sure the family eats meals together, have food in the pantry, have clothes, CLEAN clothes! And let’s not forget deals with the money aspect of paying the bills to keep the lights on, cars running, etc.! (And for you women that don’t deal with the money, I use to feel sorry for you having to hide your purchases, lol, but GEEZ I know now to ENVY you! Green with ENVY!) The work involved in a home is never done. Every inch of every surface needs to be cleaned. Maintenance. Decorating. It’s a lot of work. But we must continue to push through and well, “Suck it Up Buttercup” because it must be done and we do love the sense of accomplishment and who doesn’t love to be in the coziness under your OWN ROOF.

We are Emotional, yet the rock. 

Women cry.  We just do.  We cry when we are sad, we cry when we are mad, even happy.  We just feel so much love that we cry!  It’s our thing we do, and oh boy, don’t we feel so much better?   I think it’s necessary for us to just allow ourselves to feel vulnerable. I believe that this is where we really know how to make the best decisions because our feelings are so deep in that moment. It’s when we are brought to our rawest moment when we can’t find the words to speak for us. Our tears can become prayers.

“A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance” (Ecclesiastes 3:4).

Sometimes we walk with our head low as we feel like we failed. Maybe we didn’t make the right decision for our family, took 2 steps back instead of 3 steps forward when we worked on a goal or a new challenge. Instead of being discouraged we need to remember that any step is really motion and when we stay in constant motion, no matter what pace, we are making progress.  We learn from our mistakes and without mistakes and failure, there wouldn’t be any life lessons to propel us to want to strive for more, to better ourselves which in turn makes us better for our family.

Amazing, Wonderful, Life Changer

In these moments we feel like we just want to give up on this MOM thing, remember that all of these emotions from the highs to our lowest lows, throughout the laughter and sorrow, anger and pain, these all equip  us to be allowed to be the mother of our children whom all have very different personalities, emotions and needs. None of our children are alike and God has made mothers to be able to relate to each of our children. When their world is shaken we shake with them, but step in to calm the chaos for them and within the family, that’s what we do.

As mothers we need to remember that we were made by God to be Amazing, Wonderful,  and Life Changers  for our family, daily, from the moment we said “I do”.


We got this moms, even when you feel you don’t! 


What are your thoughts?